Sunday, January 8, 2023

WIPocalypse 2023 Plans

Back in October/November 2022, I participated in the WIPs-B-Gone challenge on Instagram hosted by Leanne of Devoted Quilter. During the two months of the challenge, I managed to finish a total of eight (8) pieces that had been lingering on my WIP pile far longer than they should have. Based on the success I had with that challenge, I've decided to participate in the WIPocalypse challenge again this year which is hosted by my long-time stitchy friend Melissa (a.k.a. Measi). 

So, you may be asking yourself, what exactly IS this WIPocalypse thing? It's a very casual monthly SAL (stitch-a-long) designed to help stitchers make progress on their WIPs. It isn't necessarily intended for finishing one's WIPs, but that's mostly what I'll be using it for this year. I would really like to knock several more projects off my WIP list by the end of 2023.

How does it work? Well, the best thing I would say is to head over to Measi's blog and read her handy info guide with all the details for the 2023 WIPocalypse challenge. After hosting this challenge for 12 years, she's pretty much got it down to a science. In a nut shell though, if you want to play along, simply post on your blog or in the WIPocalypse Facebook group that you want to participate along with the projects you want to work on for the challenge. On the last Sunday of each month, simply post an update showing the progress you made of any of your challenge projects during that month. If you post on your blog, just be sure to link up over on Measi's blog in the monthly check-in thread. Easy peasy!

Monthly Question

Each month when it's time to do the monthly check-in post, there is also a monthly question. Since this is our first post for WIPocalypse 2023, this month's "question" is simply to introduce ourselves. I think most of you probably already know me and my stitching story, but for those who may have come over from the WIPocalyypse link up or Facebook group who are new to my blog, here's a bit about me.

My name is Melissa, but I go by @StitcherMel over on Instagram. I'm just a few weeks away from turning 59 years old. I was born and raised in Tennessee, but have been living in southern California for the past 26 years. I learned to do hand embroidery as a young child from my paternal grandmother, but switched over to cross stitching around 1980 and have been going it ever since. I can't believe I've been stitching in one form or another for over 50 years! By day, I'm a Systems Administrator and Software Developer, but love to spending my evenings crafting and watching true crime shows. In addition to needlework, I also enjoy creating handmade greeting cards, knitting, and crocheting. I also really enjoy reading.

My 2023 WIPocalypse Plans

Including my New Year New Start on A Year at Hawk Run Hollow plus my decision to stitch the Temperature Quaker this year, I currently have 50 WIPs. I would love to get that number down to at least 35, but will be happy if I can at least get it below 40.

I planned to pull all of the WIPs I'm including in my WIPocalypse plans to take current progress photos of all of them, but it just didn't happen. I do have photos of quite a few of them on Instagram, so for now, I'll link to those when available. I'll try and get proper photos of all of them soon and update this post with links to those photos instead.

These are the projects I've identified as candidates for WIPocalypse. The first section are pieces I would like to finish this year, followed by a list of larger projects that I want to make some significant progress on this year. 

Goal: Finish (in chronological order by start date)

  1. Quilting Bee - The Blue Flower (started 15 May 2019)
  2. Henna Mandala - Ink Circles (started 1 Jan 2020)
  3. Winter Chalkboard - Cathy Habermann (started 20 Feb 2020)
  4. Halloween Revelry - The Primitive Needle (started 2 Mar 2020)
  5. October 31st - Kathy Barrick (started 3 Mar 2020)
  6. Autumn Alphabet - The Scarlet House (started 4 Mar 2020)
  7. Brown Bird Biscornu - Heartstring Samplery (started 7 Mar 2020)
  8. Easter Parade - Blackbird Designs (started 12 Mar 2020)
  9. Mexican Tile (EGA counted canvas class) - Margaret Bending (started 8 May 2020)
  10. United We Stand - Teresa Kogut (started 11 Jun 2020)
  11. Tis the Season - Blackbird Designs (started 1 Jan 2021)
  12. Lady Liberty - With Thy Needle & Thread (started 20 Jan 2021)
  13. Sally Spencer - Birds of a Feather (started 1 Apr 2021)
  14. Bee Sampler - Lila's Studio (started 20 May 2021)
  15. Greetings from the North Pole - Country Cottage Needleworks (started 1 Jan 2022)
  16. Ukrainian Solidarity SAL - One Point Mind (started 26 Feb 2022)
  17. Oh Christmas Three: Noel - Hands on Design (started 23 Dec 2022)

Goal: Make Significant Progress (these are all big a$$ projects (BAPs).

  1. Taj Mahal Garden Mandala - Chatelaine (started 1 Jan 2007 making it my oldest current WIP)
  2. Royal Holiday - Mirabilia (started 1 Jan 2012) 
  3. Frida Kahlo - Vivienne Powers (started 5 July 2020 - full coverage)
  4. Dasher & Dancer - Hobby House Press (started 16 Dec 2021) 
  5. Cross-Stitch Tiles SAL - Cliffside Stitches (started 31 Dec 2022)

To reach my dream goal no more than 35 WIPs by the end of the year, I'll need to complete 15 pieces this year. Since I'm not ruling out new starts, I threw a few extra WIPs on the list just to be safe. Again, I'll be happy if I can end the year with fewer than 40 WIPs, but 35 or lower is my dream goal. This list targets most of my current small to medium sized WIPs, but I put three of my BAPs on the list as well, but I doubt I'll actually get any of those finished in 2023. I would like to make some 


  1. Great goals lists, I can see Wipocalypse friends have big hopes on finishing many projects this year (me too). Nice to read all stitchers plans and share ambitious wishes, it gives me courage! Bonne année 2023 ! xxx

  2. I am joing the WIPocolypse 2023 too! Your project list is AMAZING. I am also a IT gal (Server Admin) I am cheering you to 35!! (or more starts) whatever the year brings us!