Thursday, September 2, 2021

Monthly Recap - August 2021

Yesterday was 1 September 2021, so that means it's time for another monthly recap and Stitch from Stash update. I did a LOT of stitching in August. My Stitch from Stash took a bit of a hit due to ordering two fully kitted designs released at the Needlework Expo, so I ended up in the red. I should be able to get things back on track this month. 

Stitching Recap:

Number of Days Stitched:

I stitched every single day in August for a total of 31 days. I spent the first eight days of the month wrapping up the Stitching Olympics event in the Stitch All the Things group on Facebook which ran from 23 July through 8 Aug to coincide with the sporting Olympic Games. I also worked in a few projects I was behind on for my WIPGO board this month. I'm actually almost caught up!

Projects Worked:

New Starts:

  • Quaker Heart by Janice Wood in PieceWork magazine - started 4 August 2021
  • The Fruit of Plenty SAL by Modern Folk Embroidery (restarted with new fabric & fibers) - restarted 9 August 2021
  • Paris of My Dreams by Artecy (later frogged with plans to restart on a different fabric) - started 13 August 20201
  • What Remains by Blackbird Design - started 14 August 2021


  • Quaker Heart by Janice Wood in PieceWork magazine - finished 10 August 2021

Stitch from Stash Recap:

Balance Sheet:

Starting Balance - 1 Aug 2021$  52.39
Monthly Allowance - August$  25.00
Finish Credits$    9.60
Current Balance$  21.46-

Finish Credits Earned This Month:
  • Quaker Heart - Janice Wood for PieceWork magazine - $9.60 ($8 base + 10% bonus for specialty fiber + 10% bonus for hand dyed fabric)

Purchases This Month:

That's my recap for the month of August. I hope you've all enjoyed following along with my progress in these monthly update