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I've decided I really need to cut back on my stitchy spending given how many projects I have fully kitted. With that in mind, I've decided to join in on another round of the Stitch from Stash challenge. I did it in 2020 and failed miserably because I bought stash like a crazy woman once the pandemic hit. I'm hoping things will go differently this time. Even though the next cycle doesn't officially begin until July (they run in six month cycles), I plan to get a bit of a jump on things by starting on 1 June 2021. 

Stitch from Stash Balance Sheet:

Starting Balance - 1 June 2021 $  0.00
Monthly Allowance - June $25.00
Finish Credits $22.00
Purchases $32.00
Current Balance $15.00

Finish Credits Earned This Month:
  • Stitch What You Love (freebie) - Jenn Dewey - finished 2 June 2021 - $11 credit ($10 base plus 10% bonus for using silk)
  • Midnight Ride - Blackbird Designs - finished 5 June 2021 - $11 credit ($10 base plus 10% bonus for using hand-dyed fibers)

Purchases This Month:

The Rules:

Per the Facebook group, here are the rules:
  • Stash purchases including: patterns, pattern books, kits, fabric, threads, embellishments, and collectibles such as scissors, needle minders, and project bags.
  • Gifts you receive (birthday money, gift cards, etc.) don't count against your budget.
  • Gifts you purchase for others don't count, but supplies you purchase to stitch a gift DO count.
  • Needles, hoops, Qsnaps, scroll frames, and stands don't count against the budget.
  • Monthly subscriptions (fabric of the month club, magazines, etc.) don't count against your budget, but you must be subscribed before the cycle starts. - My exceptions under this rule will be my BeStitchMe Fabric of the Month, Just Cross Stitch subscription, and Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher magazine.
  • Shipping costs don't count against your budget.

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