Stitch from Stash

Stitch from Stash 2020 Balance Sheet:

Finish Credits:        $ 93.00
Birthday Money:   $100.00
Tax Refund:            $200.00
Work Bonus:          $200.00
Purchases:            ($758.08)

Current Balance:  ($165.08)

Finish Credits I've Earned:
  • January 3 - Two Turtle Doves (Prairie Schooler) - $5 
  • January 7 - Caroling Cardinals (Blue Ribbon Designs) - $5.50 (10% bump for specialty stitches)
  • January 9 - Trimming the Tree (Blue Ribbon Designs) - $5
  • January 13 - Chicken Joy (Stitching with the Housewives) - $6
  • January 19 - Suffrage Act (Little House Needleworks) - $11
  • January 25 - Be Inkspired (Stitchrovia) - $15
  • January 27 - Pumpkin House (Shannon Christine Designs) - $6
  • February 10 - Hello Spring (Stitching with the Housewives) - $5
  • February 29 - Dorothy's Red Shoes - $6
  • March 15 - Spring Hare Etching - $5
  • March 24 - Bee Well Scissor Fob - $5
  • March 26 - Stay Home and Stitch - $5.50 (10% bump for over one stitching)
  • March 30 - Pumpkin Patch (Shannon Christine Designs) - $6
  • April 4 - Chocolate Bunny (Teresa Kogut) - $7


What is Stitch from Stash?

I'm planning to do my own version of a Stitch from Stash challenge during 2020. This means I will focus on stitching as much as possible using items I already have in my stash and dramatically limiting the purchase of any new stash.

Unlike other Stitch from Stash challenges, I will not be allowing myself a small monthly budget (usually up to $25 per month) for purchases. I will only earn spending money for stash by receiving credit by finishing projects. You can find my finishing credit table at the end of this page.

I am allowing myself a few exceptions for this challenge:
  • Fibers or embellishments for an existing WIP (This doesn't include purchasing fibers/embellishments to kit up a new project.)
  • Needles
  • Finishing supplies to FFO pieces (I don't have a stash of finishing fabrics, so I will need to purchase that for anything I FFO.)
  • Existing magazine subscriptions (I currently subscribe to digital editions of Just Cross Stitch as well as Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher magazines. I do not plan to let either of those lapse.)
  • Floss of the Month Club (I'm currently signed up for the Classic Colorworks Floss of the Month Club through Crazy Annie's. Since I signed up for this prior to the start of this challenge, I am exempting it.)
  • Gifts/Giveaways/Charities - Anything purchased to give as a gift or giveaway or part of a charitable fundraiser is exempted.

    Calculating Finish Credits:

    Finish credit will be a minimum of $5 per piece. For pieces over 50x50, add the two stitch counts of the finished piece together then divide by 20 and round up to the nearest dollar. For example, a finished piece with a stitch count of 75 x 100 would receive a finish credit of $9. Doing the math:

    75 + 100 = 175
    175 ÷ 20 = 8.75
    8.75 rounded up to the nearest dollar is $9.

    A 10% increase may be added to the finish credit for specialty stitches, specialty fibers (silk, braids, etc.), embellishments, beading, etc. You may add the 10% increase for each applicable specialty item used. For example, if you have a finish credit of $20, but the piece was stitched with silk and has beading, the final finish credit would be $24. There would be the base finish credit of $20, plus an additional 10% ($2) each for both the specialty fiber and the beading bringing the final total to $24.

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