Monday, December 13, 2021

Finish: Away We Go

I'm back again with another finish. This one definitely wasn't a start and finish on the same day like the ornament I posted yesterday. LOL I actually started this piece back in 2019 when it was released. Sadly, it had been languishing in my WIP pile for months with only about four hours of stitching time remaining on it. After finishing the ornament on Saturday, I decided since I was in a holiday stitching mood anyway, I should pull this one out and get it finished once and for all. As an added bonus, this is finish 21 of 2021 for me! 

Design: Away We Go
Designer: Country Cottage Needleworks
Fabric: 32 ct Blue Spruce linen
Fibers: Called For
Started: 1 Dec 2019
Finished: 12 Dec 2021
Stitch Count: 129 x 97
The chart called for stitching this on black fabric, but I opted to use Blue Spruce linen instead. I really love this fabric for a wintery sky look and the white floss really pops on it!

Stitch from Stash:

I'm claiming a $16.80 finish credit for this finish. Based on the stitch count (129 x 97), the base credit is $14, but I also get two 10% bonuses for using specialty fibers and specialty stitches (French knots).

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Finish: Christmas 2021 Vaccine

Right around this same time last year, I was found an adorable little ornament design called A Very Covid Christmas 2020 Ornament - Santa in the BeverlyStreetShop store on Etsy. As soon as I saw the chart, I just knew I had to stitch him. It was a fairly quick stitch and only took me a couple of nights start to finish. 

Well, the same designer has done it again. This year she has released a chart called Christmas 2021 Vaccine. Once again, as soon as I saw the design yesterday, I immediately headed to her Etsy shop and purchased it then promptly sat down and stitched it. This one stitched up even faster than last year's ornament because I started and finished it the same day!

Design: Christmas 2021 Vaccine
Designer: Beverly Ellis (BeverlyStreetShop on Etsy)
Fabric: 28 ct White Monaco
Fibers: Called for DMC
Started: 11 Dec 2021
Finished: 11 Dec 2021
Stitch Count: 41x40
In looking back over my blog from last year, it doesn't look like I even posted the finish of my Santa ornament here. I did post it on Instagram, but not on my blog apparently. So, for anyone who may have missed it last year, here's my stitched version of A Very Covid Christmas Santa. 

Designer: Beverly Ellis (BeverlyStreetShop on Etsy)

Fabric: 32 ct Lambswool Jobelan

Fibers: Called for DMC

Started: 3 December 2020

Completed: 5 December 2020

Stitch Count: 51 x 51

If anyone is interested in this design, she has an updated version in her shop with the year 2021 on it. She also has variations with a masked snowman and a masked nutcracker. If you like all three designs, you can save a little bit by purchasing them as a bundle. As of the time of this writing, they are currently all on sale for 25% off.

Stitch from Stash:

Based on the stitch count, I'm claiming a $5 finish credit for the vaccine ornament. I'm not claiming any credit for the Santa ornament since it was stitched last year.

Monday, December 6, 2021

Black Friday Diamond Painting Haul

 As some of you may know, in addition to cross stitching, I also enjoy diamond painting occasionally. Because of that fact, I decided to partake in the 25% off Black Friday sale at Diamond Art Club. I picked up two beautiful canvases that arrived on Saturday. I look forward to working on these beauties at some point in the future.

The first canvas I picked up is called Kristy's Kitty. It's based on original artwork by artist Hannah Lynn. Anyone who is a fan of Heaven and Earth Designs, you are probably already familiar with Hannah's art. I just couldn't resist that sweet little kitty and those pumpkins.

The second canvas I got is Sweet Tooth by artist Myka Jelina. I just couldn't resist all of the amazing bright rainbow colors in this piece. As someone with multiple tattoos, I also love all of her ink on her arms.

I actually didn't make any Black Friday cross stitch purchases this year. Lots of shops were having sales, but I decided to stick with my Stitch from Stash budget since I have so many things fully kitted already.

Saturday, December 4, 2021

FlossTube Made Me Do It

As I was stitching last night, I was catching up on the last few FlossTube videos from Steph and Pam over at Just Keep Stitchin'. In episode #226, they were recapping their trip to the Stitch Inn at the Farm retreat. As they were driving up to New England for the retreat, they made a stop at Hobby House Needleworks in Pittsford, New York. Steph held up a chart they purchased from the shop which was designed by Kathy, the woman who owns Hobby House Needleworks. As soon as I saw, I immediately paused the video and went to the Hobby House website to purchase it. The chart is called Dasher and Dancer and here's a photo of the model.

Isn't this design stunning?!! If, like me, you love Quaker samplers, I think this is a must stitch! It calls for 40 ct. Antique Lace linen from Seraphim Fabrics, but I'm planning to just use one of the many pieces of neutral 40 ct Verdal (evenweave) fabric I have in my stash already from BeStitchMe. I've been in her 40 ct. neutrals Fabric of the Month club for the past year, so I have quite a few pieces to choose from. 

It also calls for Mulberry from Gentle Arts. The listing states the design requires 134 yards of six-stranded floss if using one strand. By my math, that would mean 27 skeins of GAST since it comes in five yard skeins which would cost over $60 just for the floss. So, I've decided to substitute and use one of my favorite reds instead. I'm going to use DMC 115 which comes in 8.7 yard skeins which means I would need 16 skeins. At 60 cents per skein from 123 Stitch, that comes out to $9.60 for the floss which is much better. LOL

Using the DMC 115 will definitely make the overall design brighter than the original, but I'm OK with that. While the Mulberry GAST is beautiful, it was a bit more purple that I wanted for a holiday design.

Given how many WIPs I have at the moment, I have no clue when on earth I will actually finish this piece. All I do know is I will be starting it ASAP once the chart and floss arrive! 

Friday, December 3, 2021

Monthly Recap: November 2021

Another year is quickly coming to a close. November was a very unproductive month for me stitching wise as I was dealing with some health issues and lost my stitchy mojo for most of the month. Thankfully, it seems to be back, so December should be a better month for me. Here's how things went in November.

Stitching Recap:

Number of Days Stitched: 7

Projects Worked: 3

  • Stitchy Stars - Lori Holt
  • Black Sampler 2021 - Whilst Iris Naps Designs (new start)
  • Happy Harvest - Cherry Hill Stitchery (new start)

Finishes: 0

Stitch from Stash Recap:

Balance Sheet:

Starting Balance - 1 Nov 2021$ 15.46
Monthly Allowance - Nov$ 25.00
Finish Credits$   0.00
Purchases$   9.27-
Current Balance$ 31.19

Finish Credits Earned This Month:
  • None

Purchases This Month

That's my recap for the month of November 2021. I hope you've all enjoyed following along with my progress in these monthly update