Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Peppermint Purple 2023 Blackwork SAL - Week 4

 It's hard to believe the final weekly release for January of the 2023 Blackwork SAL hosted by Clare of Peppermint Purple has been release already, but it's true. Does anyone other than me feel like January has absolutely flown by? It seems like it was New Year's Eve just last week, not nearly a month ago. Perhaps it's just another sign I'm getting older. LOL

One of the things I've come to love about this particular SAL is how quickly each of the weekly filler boxes can be stitched. I downloaded this week's release before I started working for the day this morning and was able to stitch the block during my lunch break with even a few minutes to spare.

This photo shows the center portion of the design with weekly filler boxes 1-4 and the interior cross stitch border completed. I've actually started working on the exterior cross stitch border as well, but it's not visible in the photo.

As a reminder, I'm stitching this piece two over two on 32 ct white Jobelan fabric using DMC 823, 3810, and 4030. The 823 is used for the navy backstitch and cross stitch borders. The 3810 is used for the weekly filler blackwork, and the 4030 is used for the variegated cross stitch motifs. There are free layouts for this SAL, but I purchased one of the four optional companion packs. The layout I'm using is companion pack 3, border 4 (shown below). The numbers in the diagram indicate which weekly filler goes into each box.

Since each weekly box on the SAL is fairly small (17x17), I'll probably just post monthly blog updates for this piece. If you want to see weekly updates, you'll be able to find those on my Instagram account

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