Thursday, January 5, 2023

Mile-a-Minute Lap Throw

 Some of you may know that I'm not a monogamous crafter. In addition to doing needlework, I also enjoy knitting, crocheting, and making handmade greeting cards. Since the temperatures have been pretty cool (for us) here in southern California recently, I've decided to crochet a lap throw for myself so I can try to avoid turning on the heat. 

Since I probably won't have the throw completed in time for this winter, I'm using a fleece throw instead right now. The fleece throw does keep me warm, but it also causes a LOT of static electricity issues since I have microfiber furniture. I shouldn't have that problem as much with the crocheted throw since I'll be using acrylic yarn for it. I also went with acrylic yarns for the easy care factor since they are machine washer/dryer safe. 

Here are the yarns I've selected for my throw. 

I'll be using the Split Shell Mile-a-Minute (MAM) pattern for my throw. MAM patterns are named thusly due to how quickly they can be stitched up. Once you've stitched the pattern a couple of times and have it in your head, you can just go to town with it. MAM projects are worked in strips which can be joined together as you go or done all at once at the very end to complete the full throw/blanket. 

I found the pattern in a video on YouTube. While it would have been easy enough to just write the pattern down myself, I spent the $3.62 in the creator's Etsy shop to buy the written PDF instructions. Not only did it save me having to write it all down, it helps support the creator whose pattern I'm using. This pattern was one part of a 12-part series she released in 2021 to make a blanket with 12 strips, each made using a different MAM pattern. While the other patterns were also lovely, I decided to just use one pattern for all of my strips.

I'll be using the ombre yarn in place of the red is in the photo above. I'll use the solid aqua color in place of the pink. I think the yarns are going to look really lovely together.

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