Monday, January 2, 2023

Fancy Lady Time!

I learned about a new SAL that started yesterday hosted by Teresa Little Stitcher. It apparently started as a "fancy lady" SAL, but has now morphed into fancy ladies, fancy gentleman, fancy animals, etc. Basically, it's pretty much open to anything considered fancy. Teresa even created a private Facebook group where we can all share our progress photos and cheer each other on along the way. If you aren't interested in the Facebook group but would still like to check out what people are working on, simply follow #teresamademedoitsal over on Instagram.

Rather than starting a new project, I've decided to join the SAL using one of my fancy lady WIPs. One of my unwritten goals for 2023 is to make some good progress on Royal Holiday by Mirabilia, so this SAL has come along at the perfect time. I started Royal Holiday on 1 January 2012, but still haven't finished her. With the help of the SAL, I'm hoping to make some really good progress on her and possibly even get her finished this year.

For those who aren't familiar with this design, here is a photo of the chart model.

Isn't she stunning?! She's always been one of my favorite Mirabilia designs and I would really like to get her finished at some point. I've got most of her skirt and lower cape done, so I feel like the hardest/most time-consuming part of her is done. Now I just need to stitch her torso and head then go back and put in all of the beads. Ok, so maybe the beading will be the hardest part. It will definitely be the most fiddly part, that's for sure. LOL

Here's a photo showing my progress point for the start of this SAL.

I'm stitching this piece two over two using all of the called for fibers and beads. The fabric I've chosen is 32 count Conifer linen from Picture This Plus. I just love how the red and gold pop against the green fabric!

I'm not sure if I'll work on her every month through the year, but I'm going to try to. Any month where I do work on her, I'll be sure to post an updated progress photo at the end of the month.

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