Friday, January 13, 2023

Cliffside Stitches Cross Stitch Tiles SAL

I don't think I've shared about this project on my blog yet (other than putting it on my WIPocalypse plans post), so I figured now would be a good time to talk about it. My very last start of 2022 happened around 10pm on New Year's Eve. As I was waiting for the ball to drop on 2023, I figured I would get in one more new start for the old year. The project I chose was the free Cross-Stitch Tiles SAL (stitch-a-long) from Cliffside Stitches. She also has a free Egyptian Blackwork Tiles SAL running concurrently with the cross-stitch version.

In both cases, this is a mystery SAL with a new tile being released each Saturday (US time). The final design will consist of 36 tiles plus a border. It can further be customized through three different templates with different small borders around the tiles themselves. I've opted for the medium template which is just a simple backstitch border around each tile. 

Since I didn't start until New Year's Eve, I'm several weeks behind on mine. This release coming tomorrow (Jan. 14, 2023) will be Tile 17. As you can see from my progress photo above, I'm only up to Tile 3 so far. That being said, I think I've made good progress for only having worked on this project for a total of 13 days and have even squeezed a start & finish on the January block of A Year at Hawk Run Hollow in there, too!

As I mentioned, this is a mystery SAL, so we don't know what the final design is going to look like other than there will be 36 tiles and the border. Here's a peek at the model from Cliffside Stitches showing blocks 1-15 which have all been released already. 

My version looks slightly different than the model, and I'm not just talking about the colors (more on that in a bit). There are actually three different templates which can be used with different borders for the tiles. The model is shown using the Full Template which includes a full cross border around each tile. I'm using the Medium Template which has a backstitch border around each tile. Finally, there is the Open Template which has no border around the tiles. Since the stitch count will change depending upon which tile border is used, each template also includes a slightly different outer border as well as other optional borders. Even beyond just the borders, there are several ways to customize this tile sampler to make it unique.

As for the colors I chose for my version, this bedding ensemble was my inspiration. I love the mix of the navy, aqua, and coral. Once I get my SAL piece finished, I might have to buy this bedding so I can hang my framed SAL in my bedroom. LOL

I ended up deciding to go with the lighter orange color from the comforter and pillow rather than the brighter coral. I just like the way it looked with the navy and aquas better when I was buying my threads. These are the colors I ended up going with for my project. I think they're a really nice combination from the inspiration photo.

Choosing colors for this type of project always puts me in a bit of a panic. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I'm always worried I won't pick the "perfect" color combination. I have to say, I'm super pleased with my color choices for this design. I really love how they look together. For those who might be wondering, I'm stitching mine two strands over two fabric threads on 32 ct. white Jobelan evenweave fabric.

The final tile for this SAL will be released on Saturday, 27 May 2023 which happens to be Memorial Day weekend here in the United States. Since I didn't start mine until Week 14 of the 36 week SAL, I'm not sure if I can get caught up to finish it by the end of May. As much fun as I've had stitching on it this week though, it might happen! Time will tell. :) 

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