Sunday, January 15, 2023

Peppermint Purple 2023 Blackwork SAL

I need another large SAL like I need a hole in my head, but here I am anyway. LOL I've been intrigued by the yearly blackwork SAL hosted by Clare of Peppermint Purple, but I've never joined in because I've never done any blackwork. After seeing one of the layout options for the 2023 SAL on Friday, I decided to join in because I loved it so much! 

Here's the layout I've chosen.

As you might deduce from the layout, this is a year long SAL with a new filler block released each Wednesday. The basic SAL is free which includes two layout options. There are also four optional companion packs available for purchase, each of which contains four additional layout options. The layout I've chosen is companion pack 3 border 4.

Here are the colors I've chosen to use for this project.

I'll be using the 823 for the backstitch and cross stitch borders. I'll be using the 3810 for all of the weekly blackwork fillers in the 52 weekly boxes. Finally, I'll be using the 4030 (DMC Variations - Monet's Garden) for the cross stitch motif borders.

I initially planned to stitch this piece on some 40 ct white Verdal evenweave fabric. After doing a bit of test stitching using the week one filler pattern, I decided that just wasn't going to work. It was too small to really see the details of the blackwork. I regrouped and decided to go with a piece of 32 ct white Jobelan evenweave instead. I'm stitching over two fabric threads using one strand for the backstitch/blackwork and two strands for the cross stitch.

The photo above is of my day one progress on Saturday. I'm really pleased with how much progress I made since this is my very first blackwork project! I put in the center navy borders as well as the filler stitches for weeks one and two. After that, I moved out and started working on the interior cross stitch motif border. I'll continue to work on putting in borders until the week three filler is released on Wednesday, January 18. Or, I might decide to stitch on something else. Who knows?! LOL

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