Thursday, December 7, 2023

Planned Color Pooling

 I decided to try my hand at a crochet technique that's intrigued me for several years, but one I had never actually tried before. It's the planned pooling of color using a variegated yarn to create various effects. For my piece, I went with an argyle effect. Here's my progress thus far.

Before attempting to actually work on a pattern, I watched several YouTube tutorial videos on the technique. The ones I found most helpful were from Marly Bird. You can find all of her videos on her planned pooling playlist. Even with watching quite a few videos, it still took me about 15 attempts before the technique finally "clicked" in my brain and I was able to successfully get the argyle pattern to work.

I've now moved on to working an actual pattern. The photo above is a cowl I'm working on using a pattern designed by Marly for Red Heart. It's available as a free download on the Yarnspirations website. The pattern also includes a matching double pom-pom hat. I haven't decided yet whether I'll be making the hat since I don't often has occasion to wear hats here in southern California. Most of the hats I make are either intended as gifts or for donation to charity hat drives.

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