Thursday, July 1, 2021

Monthly Recap - June 2021

I thought it would be fun to post a recap each month showing how my stitching month went, not just with my actual stitching, but also how I did on my Stitch from Stash challenge. I have a dedicated Stitch from Stash page, but it gets cleared out at the start of each month, so I thought this would be a nice way to capture the information in case I want to look at it again in the future. Since a new six-month round starts July 1, my balance will zero out that day.

Stitching Recap:

Number of Days Stitched:

I only managed to stitch a total of 20 days this month. If you've watched either of my FlossTube videos from June, you know I started having issues with back spasms in the middle of the month which made stitching very uncomfortable. I ended up going 10 days without stitching due to that.

Projects Worked:

Since I missed a third of the month, I only managed to work on eight projects this month. I did manage to finish three of the nine though, so that's good.

  • Taj Mahal Mandala by Chatelaine Designs for #257challenge
  • Stitch What You Love (freebie) by Jenn Dewey for #CrossStitchCamp
  • Rainbow Mandala by Shannon Christine Designs for #stitch4pride
  • Midnight Ride by Blackbird Designs for #bbdweekendsal
  • Stitchy Stars by Lori Holt
  • Jane Marshall by Hands Across the Sea Samplers
  • Needle in Hand by Hello from Liz Mathews for #Acorns25th
  • Garden Party by Satsuma Street

New Starts:

I had a total of three new starts during June, one of which I started and finished. The other two are still WIPs.

  • Stitch What You Love (freebie) by Jenn Dewey (this was my project for #CrossStitchCamp)
  • Stitchy Stars by Lori Holt
  • True Colors (freebie) by StitchLife Magazine

As I mentioned earlier, I had a total of three finishes for the month.

Stitch from Stash Recap:

Balance Sheet:

Starting Balance - 1 June 2021$  0.00
Monthly Allowance - June$25.00
Finish Credits$36.00
Final Balance - 30 June 2021$  7.02

Finish Credits Earned This Month:
  • Stitch What You Love - $11 credit ($10 base plus 10% bonus for using silk)
  • Midnight Ride - $11 credit ($10 base plus 10% bonus for using hand-dyed fibers)
  • Jane Marshall 1857 - finished 25 June 2021 - $14 credit

Purchases This Month:

That's my recap for the month of June. It was fun tracking all the details throughout June knowing I was planning to do this recap. I hope you all enjoyed seeing it, too!

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