Sunday, May 9, 2021

Another Finish & Some Haul

 I can hardly believe it, but I've managed to get in a second finish this weekend! It's a pretty small design and I was already about halfway done with it, but hey, a finish is a finish. It was really nice to knock another item off my lengthy WIP list as well. 

The piece I finished is called Count the Cups by Ardith Design. I stitched it on 32 count Gold Rush Jobelan from BeStitchMe using DMC 815. I absolutely love the combination of this fabric and 815. I really wish the photo did it the proper justice. I started this piece on January 5 and finished it today, May 9. I think I only worked on it a total of three stitching sessions though.

Since I had slated this piece for the entire weekend, I'll pick up something else to work on tonight before my Sampler Maynia rotates again tomorrow. I have a couple of other samplers on my WIPGO board that I didn't put in my Sampler Maynia plans, so I'll probably grab one of those. I think my WIP of Sunnyside Sampler by The Drawn Thread has been called already, but I haven't worked on it yet, so that's probably what I'll stitch on tonight. 

Now that I'm fully vaccinated, I decided to take a quick trip over to Needlepoints, Ltd. which is my LNS (local needlework store). It's mostly a needlepoint shop, but I go there from time to time to pick up fibers since she carries most of the brands used for cross stitching as well. She does carry some cross stitch charts, but most of them are pretty dated. I think she stopped ordering new cross stitch charts when she had to downsize to a smaller space a few years ago. Even though I can't get charts, I still like to go in from time to time to buy fibers just to support her shop. 

Here's a photo of most of the items I picked up today. I also got some 32 ct Taupe Lugana, but it's not in the photo because she hadn't cut it for me yet at the time I snapped this pic.

I squealed a little bit when I noticed she still had a few pair of Dovo embroidery scissors in stock. Dovo stopped making embroidery scissors a few months ago, so supplies are now limited to the existing stock shops have on hand. I also picked up an older chart from Blackbird designs called Summer's Last Rose. It was a Loose Feathers release from 2012. I also picked up a few threads I needed to finish fitting up a few things.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What is it about Dovo scissors that you like?

    1. They are extremely high quality German scissors which have a very small point, are super sharp, and have a very smooth mechanism. They cut like butter!