Sunday, May 5, 2019

Stitch Maynia Update

It’s day five of Stitch Maynia, so that means we’re a quarter of the way done. I’ve managed to stay on my planned schedule, so I’m feeling good about how things are going so far.
I am going to be making one small change to my plan I posted last weekend. As I mentioned in my Flosstube #6 video, I wasn’t happy with my fabric choice for Spell of the Moon from Blackbird Designs. After stitching on it a bit more, I decided to frog the little bit I had done. I’ll restart it at some future date when I find a better fabric for it.
Since I removed Spell of the Moon from my WIPs, that opened a spot for another new start. The project I’ve chosen for that spot is Stargazer by Mirabilia. She’ll now be a new start for me on May 16.
For those who missed the story in one of my earlier Flosstube videos, I had Stargazer as a WIP previously. Unfortunately, an entire box of my stitching WIPs and supplies were lost as part of a move last fall. I was devastated! Here’s where I was on her when she got lost.

I was stitching her on Angel Dust Lugana from Polstitches. When I was kitting her up to restart her, I went back to the Polstitches website to buy another piece of the Angel Dust fabric. When I was there, another fabric really caught my eye. I ended up deciding to buy it instead of using Angel Dust again for the restart. The new fabric I chose is Dusk Lugana. Here’s a mock-up of what it will look like from the Fabric Viewer website.

I really think she’s going to be gorgeous on this fabric. Instead of being a more moody sky as it would have been on Angel Dust, I think it will look a bit more serene on the Dusk fabric.
I’ll be back next weekend with a new Flosstube video. If you want a peek at my progress photos before then, you can find them on my Instagram account. I post the before and after photo each day over there.

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