Sunday, March 17, 2019

Flosstube #4 – Video & Show Notes

I’m back on my YouTube channel today with Flosstube video #4. I can’t believe I’ve been at this for six weeks already! I guess it really did get easier once I got that first one out of the way. LOL

Show Notes

WIPs Featured
  • Be Inkspired (Stitchrovia)
  • Thanksgiving Harvest Fairy (Mirabilia)
  • Royal Holiday (Mirabilia)
New Starts
  • Hen Peck (Plum Street Samplers)
  • Snowman Diamond Painting
Links to Flosstubers Mentioned
Giveaway (NOW CLOSED)
I am offering a giveaway in this video in celebration of reaching 2500 subscribers. Be sure to watch the video for all the details about what I’m giving away. Here are the rules:
  • Be a subscriber to my YouTube channel.
  • Leave a comment on the video telling me your favorite new release from the Nashville market (or, if you’re a stamper, your favorite new release from Creativation in January).
  • Please don’t mention the word “giveaway” in your comment. If you do, I will delete your comment. I want the winner to be someone actually interested in crafting, not just some random person trolling YouTube looking for giveaways.
Flosstube Bonus

Next weekend I hope to have a bonus Flosstube video. Several people have commented and/or messaged me on Instagram asking for a video on how I create my floss tags. I’ve recorded a video showing how I make them using punches, but I want to try making some using my electronic die cutting machine, too. Once I have everything done, I'll post the video on my channel.

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