Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Hello Flosstube!

After watching Flosstube videos on YouTube for the past couple of years, I’ve decided to finally give it a try. If you aren’t familiar with Flosstube, it’s a collection of YouTube creators who post stitching-related videos on their channels to showcase their needlework. Here’s my first video:

I’m still trying to learn all the ins and outs of having my face on camera, so please bear with me during the learning curve. Even with 3+ years of recording card making videos, this was actually my first time ever showing my face on camera. All my card making videos were overhead shots, so the only thing that ever showed were my hands. LOL

I hope you watch and enjoy my video. If you do like it, please head over to the video on my YouTube channel and give it a thumbs up. If you aren’t a subscriber already, I would love it if you’d subscribe to my channel as well. If you want to be sure you never miss one of my videos, but sure to click the little bell icon once you’ve subscribed so you’ll get a notification every time I post a new video.
My plan is going to be posting a video every other week to show off my WIPs, finishes, and any stitching haul I receive. If there are any particular stitching-related things you’d like to see on my Flosstube channel, please let me know!

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