Friday, January 4, 2019

2019 Stitching Plans

Since I shared my 2018 Stitching Year in Review yesterday, I thought I would come back today and share my stitching plans for 2019. Of course, most of these plans aren’t written in stone and are subject to change if I find something isn’t working for me.

Stitch from Stash

One of my first plans is to basically stitch from my stash this year. I’m not going on a complete “no spend” plan because I still want to support my favorite shops, but at the same time, I have so many beautiful projects already kitted that I want to stitch on them rather than constantly buying new stuff.
In an effort to help with this goal, I’ve joined the Stitch from Stash group on Facebook. This group encourages members to stitch from their stash with any new purchases fitting within a pre-defined monthly budget with any remaining balance carrying over from month-to-month. Using the group’s guidelines, here’s my plan:
  • Monthly budget is $25
  • Stash purchases include patterns, pattern books, kits, fabric, thread, embellishments, and collectibles such as scissors and needleminders will be deducted from my balance, including supplies for projects which will be gifts for others.
  • Gifts I receive, including birthday money, gift certificates, gift cards, etc. don’t count against my budget.
  • Finishes will earn credit to add to my budget. The value of finishes are determined using a Finish Grid chart in the Facebook group and range from $2 for a small project up to $25 for large projects. For example, when I finish the Glitter House 1 design I’m currently stitching, that will be worth a $5 credit since it is a relatively small piece (57 x 57 stitches).
  • On the first of each month, I will post my budget update which will include:
    • Month
    • Balance (including any carryover from previous months)
    • Purchases (subtract)
    • Finish Credits (add)
    • New balance

Rotation Stitching

I haven’t done a formal rotation in a few years, I am implementing one for this year. While I’ve enjoyed just stitching on whatever I wanted when I didn’t have a rotation plan in place, I found I just didn’t seem to get pieces finished as much. I know the structure of a rotation will help with that.
My rotation will be one week blocks which run from Monday through Sunday. Here’s my list of projects for my initial rotation plan:
  • Glitter Village (Country Cottage Needleworks) – first week of the month
  • Christmas stitching – second week of the month (gifts or holiday/winter themed stitching)
  • Royal Holiday (Mirabilia) – third week of the month
  • Decision Wheel – fourth week of the month
  • Stitcher’s Choice – fifth week of the month, if applicable.
My decision wheel will include a few other WIPs I want to work on this year. It will also include one space for a new start. I will spin the wheel each fourth week of the month and stitch on whatever project comes up on the wheel. These are the other WIPs I plan to focus on in 2019:
For any months that have five weeks, I will allow myself to work on anything I want. It could be one of my focus WIPs, one of my non-focus WIPs, or a new start. I’ll just stitch on whatever strikes my fancy at the time.
Those are my stitching plans for this year. If all goes well and I stick with my plan, I should have a productive 2019 with my stitching.

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