Here are some stitching-related acronyms I use frequently:
  • WIP – Work in Progress
  • SAL – Stitch-a-long
  • BAP – Big Ass Project
  • FO – Finished Object: all the stitching is done, but not yet finished for display (e.g. framed, pillow, ornament, etc.).
  • FFO – Finished Finished Project: a stitching finish has been finished for display
  • UFO – Unfinished Object: an item that hasn’t been worked on in a long time.
  • UBB – Under the Bed Box: Finished objects hidden away in a box under the bed waiting to be made into an FFO.

Here are some brand-related acronyms you may also see me use from time to time:
  • CC – Classic Colorworks
  • C&C - Colour & Cotton
  • CCN – Country Cottage Needleworks
  • GAST – Gentle Arts Sampler Thread
  • LHN – Little House Needleworks
  • WDW – Weeks Dye Works

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