Maynia List

This page contains the list of my Stitch Maynia projects. I use the Blimeycat Method which means I work on a combination of my existing WIPs plus some new starts. As I finish pieces, they will be removed from this list which will create an opening for a new start. Any new pieces I start after the end of any particular year's Maynia will be incorporated into the Maynia list for Half Maynia (my own creation). This way all of my current WIPs are accounted for when the next Maynia rolls around.
  1. Log Cabin Autumn - Gracewood Stitches [added 27 Oct 2019]
  2. Taj Mahal Mandala - Chatelaine Designs
  3. [open spot]
  4. Plum Blossom Kimono - Margarget Bendig Designs
  5. Royal Holiday - Mirabilia
  6. Away We Go - Country Cottage Needleworks [added 1 Dec 2019]
  7. Sunnyside Sampler - The Drawn Thread [added 9 Dec 2019]
  8. Home for Christmas - Plum Street Samplers [added 25 Dec 2019]
  9. Garden Party (cool colorway) - Satsuma Street
  10. Christmas Eve - Prairie Schooler [added 30 Dec 2019)
  11. Rainbow Mandala - Shannon Christine Designs [added 1 Jan 2020]
  12. Be InkSpired - Stitchrovia
  13. Two Birds in One Tree - Modern Folk Embroidery
  14. Henna Mandala - Ink Circles [added 1 Jan 2020]
  15. Quilting Bee - The Blue Flower
  16. Stargazer - Mirabilia
  17. [open spot]
  18. [open spot]
  19. Four Seasons - Little House Needleworks
  20. [open spot]
The numbers on the list represent the day of the month I will be working on each project. I keep each WIP in the same position for each Maynia/Half Maynia until it's complete. 

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